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SubjectRe: [PATCH] O10int for interactivity

> > This part interests me. It would seem that either
> > 1. The AS scheduler should not bother waiting at all if the process is not
> > going to wake up in that time
> How about something as simple as: if process sleeps, and AS scheduler
> is waiting since last request from that process, AS scheduler stops
> waiting immediately?
> In other words, a hook in the process scheduler when a process goes to
> sleep, to tell the AS scheduler to stop waiting.
> Although this would not always be optimal, for many cases the point of
> AS is that the process is continuing to run, not sleeping, and will
> issue another request shortly.

How do you tell which task dirtied the page?
Wouldn't giving a bonus to tasks doing file io achieve the same purpose?
Also, isn't quickly waking up tasks more important?


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