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SubjectRe: Majordomo results: <no subject>
Scrive Dirk Huste <>:
> don't want to disturbe ... maybe i didn't get the right mailing list, but
> general sounds good ....
> today i tried to compile a newer kernel version ... i thought i made anything
> right so far ... but things aren't always as easy as they seem to be,
> especially for a newbie ...
> configured kernel, created bzImage, modules ... installed them in the
> correct paths ... configured lilo.conf and executed lilo ...
> as result first "anything" works fine, while reboot, until lilo tries to load
> the new kernel:
> Loading kernelxyz .... -> black screen: but the laptop ( gericom
> webshocks,with mini - pci - bussytem ) still seems to work in the background
> ...
> still i would be glad if anybody, who knows what went wrong, could take some
> time and give me a hind about troubleshooting
> THX DK :)

Check out this page:

It has the fix for your problem.


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