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SubjectRe: fun or real: proc interface for module handling?
> > I was just joking around here, but what do you think about this idea:
> >
> > A proc interface for module handling:
> > /proc/mods/
> > /proc/mods/<module-name>/<link-to-the-modules-use-us>
> >
> > So we could try to load a module with
> > mkdir /proc/mods/ipv6
> > and remove it and every module which uses us with
> > rm -r /proc/mods/ipv6
> So far, so good.
> > Modul options could be passed my
> > echo "psmouse_noext=3D1" > /proc/mods/psmouse/options
> > which would also make it possible to change module options while runn=
> ing..
> How would options be passed when loading? Some modules require that
> to load properly. Also, there are lots of options that can't be
> changed after loading. To enable this, I believe the whole option
> handling would need to be modified substantially. Instead of just
> storing the values in static variables, there would have to be some
> means of telling the module that its options changed. Then there's
> the task of hacking all modules to support this...

Or you could just cause the module to be unloaded and reloaded
whenever options changed.

Not that I like this idea anyway, but then I don't use modules :-).

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