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SubjectRe: fun or real: proc interface for module handling?
On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 02:34:01PM +0200, M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
> > Modul options could be passed my
> > echo "psmouse_noext=1" > /proc/mods/psmouse/options
> > which would also make it possible to change module options while running..
> How would options be passed when loading? Some modules require that
> to load properly. Also, there are lots of options that can't be
> changed after loading. To enable this, I believe the whole option
> handling would need to be modified substantially. Instead of just
> storing the values in static variables, there would have to be some
> means of telling the module that its options changed. Then there's
> the task of hacking all modules to support this...

Interesting :)

Maybe, it should cause no action to "mkdir /proc/mods/ipv6", nor echo
"psmouse_noext=1" > /proc/mods/psmouse/options
_just_ "collecting" parameters by kernel, then eg creating a file
/proc/mods/ipv6/load should cause to load the module. Of course there can be
code to handle "on-the-fly" parameter change, but maybe this can be
considered as optimal, and it should be not a must a module to support this

- Gábor (larta'H)
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