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I was giving 2.6.0-test2 a spin, and run into a few issues with
loopback crypto:

First of all, in util-linux 2.12 the keybits option is gone, and the
number of keybits is fixed to 256 (even though some algorithms in the
kernel support more). Is this a temporary thing or a design decision?

Moving to the slightly more ontopic stuff for lk@vger: Is access to
the cryptoapi algorithms exposed to userspace yet? I wanted to have
losetup/mount hash the passphrase before passing it to the kernel, and
it seems silly to actually put a separate hashing algorithm in
util-linux when they're there in the kernel anyway.

Thirdly, has the encryption setup changed again since 2.4.x with hvr's
testing cryptoapi stuff? I have a filesystem encrypted with 256 bits
serpent, yet it won't decrypt using 2.6.0-test2 and util-linux 2.12.

Lastly: Why the move from a /proc/crypto directory containing files
for all the algorithms to one monolithic /proc/crypto file? Isn't the
former a lot nicer from the userspace programmer's point of view?

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