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SubjectRe: Major 2.4 / 2.{5|6}-smp Scheduler Slow-ness
root <> wrote:
> Ok, first of all, I have never been able to run a 2.4 kernel on this
> machine, it runs _very_ slow. By slow, i mean it takes literally HOURS
> to boot. I have tried 2.4.20,2.4.21, and also both with the openmosix
> patches.
> Now, the 2.5/6 kernel runs beautifully, so i have been running both
> vanilla, and vanilla+mm patches, both run fine. Although, using the smp
> scheduler makes it do the exact same thing as 2.4, albeit a little
> faster. So this leads me into thinking *very*
> much so that this is a scheduler issue.

boot with "profile=1", learn to use readprofile, post the results.

irq 21: nobody cared!
[<c8a37620>] (snd_emu10k1_interrupt+0x0/0x3f0 [snd_emu10k1])
Disabling IRQ #21

This is fishy. Try removing the sound driver from the kernel altogether.
And any other unneeded-to-boot drivers, come to that.

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