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SubjectRe: 2.6.0t2 Hangs randomly
Stefano Rivoir wrote:
> I'm experiencing hard rand lockups using kernel 2.6.0: they are not
> predictable, nor I can find a way to reproduce them. They can occur
> while working with an app, while browsing the fs (I use KDE) or
> while resuming after the screensaver, or anything else. They can
> occur after one hour or 15 minutes, and there's not any strange
> "jerkiness" activity before, nor an intense disk work.
> After the hang, the disk starts working for a while, then I have
> to reset w/button, and nothing is left on the various system logs.
> These hangs did not occur in 2.5 up to .75, but they come also
> with 2.6.0-mm1 (and plain 2.6.0-t1). I had a doubt about the
> soundcard, I've applied latest 0.9.6 alsa patch: the hangs are less
> frequent but still there.

Can you reproduce these hangs without the AGP and DRI modules loaded?

Rahul Karnik

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