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SubjectRe: PATCH: Race in 2.6.0-test2 timer code
On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 04:18:10PM -0500, wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 02:34:58PM +0200, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> >
> > so if it was really the itimer, it had to be on ppc s390 or ia64, not on
> > x86. I never reproduced this myself. I will ask more info on bugzilla,
> > because I thought it was x86 but maybe it wasn't. As said in the
> > previous email, only non x86 archs can run the timer irq on a cpu
> > different than the one where it was inserted.
> I think I started the thread, so let me backtrack. I've got several
> ppc64 boxes running 2.4.21. They hang, they don't crash. Sometimes
> they're pingable, but that's all. The little yellow button is wired
> up to KDB, so I can break in and poke around and see what's happening.
> Here's what I find:
> __run_timers() is stuck in a infinite loop, because there's a
> timer on the base. However, this timer has timer-> == NULL,
> and so it can never be removed. (As a side effect, other CPU's get
> stuck in various places, sitting in spinlocks, etc. which is why the
> machine goes unresponsive) So the question becomes "how did this
> pointer get trashed?"
> I thought I saw an "obvious race" in the 2.4 code, and it looked
> identical to the 2.6 code, and thus the email went out. Now, I'm
> not so sure; I'm confused.

the 2.4 code calls into run_all_timers for non x86 archs, that should
go away, and be replaced with calls of the local_run_timers in the per cpu
timer interrupts (not the global timer irq). Infact I wouldn't trust calling
run_all_timers anyways, that might be the racy thing, you're probably the first
one calling it.

> However, given that its timer-> that is getting clobbered,
> then locking all occurrances of list_add and list_del should cure the
> problem. I'm guessing that Andrea's patch to add a timer->lock
> will protect all of the list_add's, list_del's that matter.

you definitely need that patch on non x86 archs with the run_all_timers or the
race that I pointed out today will trigger (as agreed by Ingo too), so you
should try to reproduce with it applied.

I've also seen another patch floating around that looks like this:

@@ -214,8 +214,14 @@ repeat:
goto repeat;
- } else
+ } else {
+ if (timer->base != old_base) {
+ spin_unlock(&new_base->lock);
+ printk ("duuude found and fixed bug locking mod
+ goto repeat;
+ }

but I don't think we need even this other one in 2.4 (2.4 never touches the
timer->base from the del_timer*):

* Subtle, we rely on timer->base being always
* valid and being updated atomically.
if (timer->base != old_base) {
goto repeat;

since we're serialized by the timer->lock in mod_timer, and del_timer
won't affect the timer->base in 2.4. And add_timer is forbidden to run at the
same time of mod_timer.

So I think we should change the code this way instead of applying the
above patch that looks wrong:

--- 2.4.22pre7aa1/kernel/timer.c.~1~ 2003-07-19 02:34:09.000000000 +0200
+++ 2.4.22pre7aa1/kernel/timer.c 2003-07-30 23:43:03.000000000 +0200
@@ -210,15 +210,7 @@ repeat:
- /*
- * Subtle, we rely on timer->base being always
- * valid and being updated atomically.
- */
- if (timer->base != old_base) {
- spin_unlock(&new_base->lock);
- spin_unlock(&old_base->lock);
- goto repeat;
- }
+ BUG_ON(timer->base != old_base);
} else

Assuming you were running 2.4.21 w/o the extended timer->lock to add_timer and
del_timer, the only mistery at the moment is how can have
reproduced a race in setitimer on x86 and get it fixed with the patch I postd
to l-k earlier today that extends the same timer->lock of mod_timer, to
add_timer and del_timer* too.

I mean, that patch is perfectly safe, looks very sane, is strictly necessary on
all non x86* and ia64 archs, but it shouldn't be necessary on x86 as discussed
today with Ingo and Andrew.

I will keep that patch applied because this is 2.4 and it fixes stuff in
practice, but still we must be missing something about this code.

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