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SubjectRe: Oops from tun module
At 12:04 PM 7/29/2003, Dave O wrote:
>I added a tun/tap interface using tunctl(8) from the user-mode-linux
>project under 2.6.0-test1, which created a device tap0, owned by user 1000
>(tunctl -u 1000). In doing so, the tun module was automatically loaded,
>but showed a refcount of 0 in lsmod. I was able to successfully "rmmod
>tun", but after doing this every program that tried to open /proc/net/dev
>(including ifconfig) immediately segfaults and causes an Oops. I was able
>to modprobe tun.o back in and that restored sane behavior. I imagine the
>module should have had it's refcount incremented when the device is

TUN/TAP driver relies on the network core to do module reference counting.
It doesn't really do any cleanup in module_exit(). Module refcounting was
recently removed from the network core which apparently broke TUN/TAP
driver. btw 'misc' driver doesn't do any ref counting either.
I'll try to spend some time on it this week and fix both misc and TUN driver.


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