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SubjectRE: PROBLEM: ACPI hangs when invoked from keyboard
On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 01:06:08 -0500, Warren Turkal wrote:
>Grover, Andrew wrote:
>> This isn't ACPI, it's because 2.5.74+ force the APIC enabled.
>You are correct, and here is my addition to this bug report.
>At this point, I relized that I had been compiling these
>kerenels without SMP, which is not what I did when I
>noticed the bug. Therefor, it is an SMP-kernel-only bug.
>I have a 1.9GHz Pentium 4M. My understanding is that it
>Therefore, the breaking patch is the changeset from svn
>revion 11314 to 11315, which is reproduced below,
>including the patch comment.
>patch comment:
>wt@braindead:/usr/src/linux-trunk$ svn log -r 11315
>rev 11315: mikpe | 2003-06-24 14:50:23 -0500 (Tue, 24 Jun 2003) | 17 lines
>[PATCH] enable local APIC on P4
>Either there is a bug with supporting my type of APIC or my APIC
>must have a bug and is disabled by the BIOS for a reason. Either
>my hardware should be blacklisted or the old behavior should be
>AFAIK, I have an Intel 845 chipset. I don't know what other info
>is needed for blacklisting.

The bug is not in the hardware but in the BIOS code.
I'm planning a patch to revert P4s to a safe default, it'll
be posted on LKML shortly.

Out of curiosity, what make & model is your laptop?

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