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SubjectRe: [REPOST] "apm: suspend: Unable to enter requested state" after 2.5.31 (incl. 2.6.0testX)
On Tuesday, July 29, 2003, at 09:05  PM, Stephen Rothwell wrote:

> I may have missed this, but do you have the APIC or IO-APIC enabled?

Not sure that I have one on this system... it's pre-i686 (Pentium MMX).

I left the laptop at work, so I don't have dmesg output nearby.

> The patch in question merely moved where the 0x40 descriptor was
> installed
> in the descriptor table.

You mean it appears at a different table index? For some reason, I
thought that was a different patch (but I can't seem to find anything
else from that time period).

> The base and limit parts of the descriptor get initialised at run time
> by
> the code:
> set_base(bad_bios_desc, __va((unsigned long)0x40 << 4));
> _set_limit((char *)&bad_bios_desc, 4095 - (0x40 << 4));
> These could be set statically, but it was easier to use the availble
> macros.

Do you think it's worth checking the initialized value of the
bad_bios_desc fields in a 2.5 kernel with working APM? Or do you have
any other ideas on where to look?

thanks for taking the time to explain this,

Charles Lepple <!clepple>

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