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SubjectRE: [2.6.0-test-ac3] ACPI + sensors => health chip flatlines
> From: Mika Liljeberg [] 
> This has happened twice now. I have the following in my kernel log:
> acpi_power-0377 [25] acpi_power_transition : Error
> transitioning device [FAN] to D0
> acpi_bus-0256 [24] acpi_bus_set_power : Error
> transitioning device [FAN] to D0
> acpi_thermal-0611 [23] acpi_thermal_active : Unable to turn
> cooling device [c1be7d34] 'on'
> Everything under /sys/devices/legacy/i2c-1/1-0290 is frozen
> to the same
> values, none of the sensors are being updated.
> Not quite sure what is going on but it looks like an ACPI thermal trip
> routine might be messing up the W83627HF sensor driver.

Greg KH and I have talked about this a little and I think it's going to
be 2.7 before this gets resolved.

-- Andy
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