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SubjectRe: PATCH : LEDs - possibly the most pointless kernel subsystem ever
John Bradford wrote:
>>>This patch adds an abstraction layer for programmable LED devices,
>>>hardware drivers for the Status LEDs found on some Intel PIIX4E based
>>>server hardware (notably the ISP1100 1U rackmount server) and LEDs wired
>>>to the parallel port data lines.
>>I haven't had chance to test this yet, but I really like the idea - by
>>an amasing co-incidence, I was actually thinking about the possibility
>>of doing a parallel port connected front panel earlier today!
>>Does anybody have any suggestions for recommended standard uses for
>>parallel port connected LEDs?
>>Disk spinning up/disk ready
>>Root login active
>>Any other suggestions?
> Ah, I just thought, for debugging purposes we could have LEDs for:
> * BKL taken
> * Servicing interrupt
> * Kernel stack usage > 2K

Maybe also:
* 100% CPU usage
* Toggle each jiffie (help detect interrupts disabled)
* User control for things like cpu/harddrive temp...
* and of course, Morse code ;)

Have fun,

--------------------. "If it ain't broke now,
Eli Carter \ it will be soon." -- crypto-gram
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