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SubjectRe: neofb problems with 2.6.0-test1-ac3 etc. -- kernel-2.6.x ignoramus
* James Simmons <>:

> > fbset -depth 16
> >
> > fixes things again. To see what I see, look at:
> >
> This is because the X server is not fbdev aware. Try adding the UseFBDev
> option in your XF86Config. That shoudl fix your problems.

Sorry, but this can't be: How comes the SAME X Server with the SAME
XF86Config works OK with 2.4.22-pre8, but not with 2.6.x?

This is on the SAME machine, just with different kernel. Generally,
all 2.4.x kernels don't show the problem, but 2.6.x does.

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