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SubjectRe: timeout (110) with bluez usb uhci 2.4.21
At 07:31 AM 7/29/2003, Jani Monoses wrote:
>The same problem here as the one raported about a week ago by Florian
>Lohoff. I have two USB bluetooth dongles. One of them (ambicom
>bt2000) does not like being hotplugged in it gives that timeout message
>after saying it was an error in interrupt.The other (blue-gene bt320)
>can be connected/disconncted and it works fine.
>The same problem shows with 2.4.22-pre7
>If the usb-uhci module is reloaded while the dongle is in it finds it.
>The problem as shown by debug messages in uhci seems to be error in the
>interrupt handler for uhci. The status register is 2 which is io/error I
>think and it says the frame was corrupted.
>So I changed the handler to return when that's the status and only go on
>if status is 1 which I think is normal usb interrupt transfer not an
>error condition. This way probably the usb stack retries again and the
>dongle is found after a few seconds and can be plugged in and out.
>I have seen in other threads that somebody made usb_get_address retry on
>error to achieve the same effect...
>can some workaround by somebody who knows what's happening be put in the
>kernel because google shows that quite a few people are bitten by this
>110 error message with uhci/ohci and various usb devices not only BT.

Did you try the trick that I suggested to Florian ? i.e. changing HCI_MAX_BULK_TX from 4 to 1.
It did help some people. Also you might want to try usb-uhci driver instead of uhci.


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