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SubjectRe: Quota in 2.6.0-test2 broken ...

> Quota is definitely broken in 2.6.0-test2 because the
> code tries to acquire dqio_sem in *_read_file_info, while
> already holding the same sem in vfs_quota_on, which
> simply deadlocks ...
Huh I see. Actually only old quota format is affected by this bug
(that may be a reason why it went unnoticed for a while).

> removing the down(dqio_sem) in vfs_quota_on at least
> allows quota to be enabled 8-) but still deadlocks on
> quota transfers? ... :(
I'll have a look at this - I don't see a reason for this in a code.

> it seems this stuff hasn't been tested since the last
> update? doesn't anybody use quota anymore?
When you have test machine you usually don't run a quota on it and
when you have machine with lots of users on it you won't use unstable
kernels. So I guess this is not a big wonder (I suppose the bugreports
for 2.6 quota code will start to appear soon ;).


Jan Kara <>
SuSE CR Labs
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