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SubjectRe: The Well-Factored 386
could you pse keep that 'discussion' to where it belongs?!
it is definitely 'off topic' in the "linux-assembly" mailing list.

and, it is ridiculous, since it already generated much (M U C H) more traffic
than the messages you're just complaining about. - so you should eliminate
yourself, consequently, from that 'clean' list of yours -???-

you complaint it is un-just - or did you, for instance, eliminate the owner of
<> from your lk-devel list, too? who already emanated so many
messages which have nothing to do with linux kernel devel that Rick would
never be able to make up for that much of nonsense.


Timothy Miller am Dienstag, 29. Juli 2003 15:32:
> David D. Hagood wrote:
> > David S. Miller wrote:
> >> And I don't care if you don't like my attitude, my job as
> >> list manager is not to be liked by people or to have them
> >> like my attitude. My job is to keep the lists clean.
> >
> > I'd just like to say "BRAVO SIR!" I am glad to see you doing this, and I
> > support your actions 100%.
> >
> > Anybody's right of freedom of speech ends when they force the unwilling
> > to listen - this troll was -10, Offtopic. He was not talking about the
> > kernel, any development of interest to the kernel, and I for one am glad
> > he is getting bounced.
> >
> > Let him post his drivel-scribblings on Slashdot, along with,
> > the porn trolls, and the *BSD is dead trolls.
> I personally have made more than my fair share of off-topic posts. Some
> of them have been filtered, which really doesn't bother me, because,
> well, they were off-topic.
> Sometimes, I get carried away, but I do keep in mind that off-topic
> posts can be very rude. I remind myself of this out of respect for
> others on the list.
> -
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