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SubjectRe: OOPS 2.6.0-test2, modprobe i810fb
"S. Anderson" <> wrote:
> Thanks, that fixes the oops Pavel reported!
> But I now realize the oops I am getting is different...
> It happens only if any of these "i810fb, i810_audio or intel-agp"
> are compiled in the kernel or insterted as modules.
> i810fb, i810_audio or intel-agp load up fine and seem to all work
> properly. I only get the oops when I put a card into my cardbus slot.
> this is what i think happens, when I put the card in, it sets off some
> functions that will try to get a driver for the card I just inserted.
> when it gets to the pci_bus_match function, my cards vendor and device
> numbers are tested against a drivers id_table. when that driver is
> "i810fb, i810_audio or intel-agp" (and i810fb, i810_audio or intel-agp
> is allready loaded) the id_table is at an address that cant be handled,
> thus cauing the oops. I am having trouble figuring out why
> pci_drv->id_table isnt valid in this case.

Everything seems happy here:

vmm:/home/akpm> lsmod
Module Size Used by
i810fb 31572 0
cfbcopyarea 4700 1 i810fb
vgastate 10660 1 i810fb
cfbimgblt 4068 1 i810fb
cfbfillrect 4820 1 i810fb
intel_agp 16940 1
agpgart 32496 1 intel_agp
i810_audio 34208 0
ac97_codec 18932 1 i810_audio
rtc 15744 0

Can you do modprobe-by-hand, see which one causes the oops?
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