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Subject2.6.0-test2-bk3 phantom I/O errors

Just want to confirm that problem described by Sander
persist on my system since test1-bk2 version as well. And it reveals
itself usually under some specific load of hdd I/O - in my case
usually it is running 'dselect' or 'dpkg -i' with an attempt to install/remove
packages. Then software says something about error in some data file and
syslog bears the signs of errors:
Buffer I/O error on device hda2, logical block 3861502
Buffer I/O error on device hda2, logical block 3861504
Buffer I/O error on device hda2, logical block 3861506

My system is laptop vaio PCG-P505TS running Debian unstable
Linux kernel 2.6.0-test2

I provide links (to don't thrust the mailing list) to my


dmesg bears also signs about
buffer layer error at fs/buffer.c:416
Call Trace:
[<c0154f30>] __find_get_block_slow+0x80/0xe0
[<c0155f51>] __find_get_block+0x91/0xf0

which I've not mentioned before so I don't know if they are relevant to
the problem

Thanx for your help/support

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