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SubjectRe: OOPS 2.6.0-test2, modprobe i810fb
On Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 06:18:07PM +0100, Pavel Rabel wrote:
> Got this OOPS when trying "modprobe i810fb",
> kernel 2.6.0-test2

I am also getting this oops, or somthing very simmillar.

I am new to kernel hacking, but I will try to explain what why I
think this is happening, and then hopefully someone will know how to fix
it :-).

basicly, in pci_bus_match(), when *ids is assigned pci_drv->id_table
from a driver, (intel-agp, i810_audio and i810fb mabey others) the value
of ids->vendor is located at place where it cant be handled. Then further
up the line, the oops occurs at the pci_match_device() function when it
tries to access ids->vendor. hopefully that makes sense.

I have added some debugging printks to pci_bus_match():

--- pci-driver.0.c 2003-07-27 15:40:56.000000000 -0600
+++ pci-driver.c 2003-07-28 19:51:47.000000000 -0600
@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@
const struct pci_device_id *
pci_match_device(const struct pci_device_id *ids, const struct pci_dev *dev)
+ printk("pci_match_device: &ids->vendor = %p\n", &ids->vendor);
while (ids->vendor || ids->subvendor || ids->class_mask) {
if (pci_match_one_device(ids, dev))
return ids;
@@ -430,6 +431,12 @@
if (!ids)
return 0;

+ printk("pci_bus_match: bus=%d, devfn=%d %x %x\n",
+ pci_dev->bus->number, pci_dev->devfn,
+ pci_dev->vendor, pci_dev->device);
+ printk(" ^ matching? ^ (%s) ((( &ids->vendor = %p )))\n",
+ pci_drv->name, &ids->vendor);
found_id = pci_match_device(ids, pci_dev);
if (found_id)
return 1;
here is the output I get right before the oops + the oops run
through ksymoops

Adding 524280k swap on /swapfile. Priority:-1 extents:209
mtrr: 0xe8000000,0x8000000 overlaps existing 0xe8000000,0x80000
(pci_bus_add_devices) bus 3 devfn 0 1260 3890
pci_bus_match: bus=3, devfn=0 1260 3890
^ matching? ^ (agpgart-intel) ((( &ids->vendor = c03f8e98 )))
pci_match_device: &ids->vendor = c03f8e98
Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address c03f8e98
printing eip:
Error (regular_file): read_ksyms stat /proc/ksyms failed
No modules in ksyms, skipping objects
No ksyms, skipping lsmod
Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address c03f8e98
*pde = 00102027
Oops: 0000 [#1]
CPU: 0
EIP: 0060:[<c01f7da3>] Not tainted
Using defaults from ksymoops -t elf32-i386 -a i386
EFLAGS: 00010286
eax: 0000002a ebx: c03f8e98 ecx: 00000001 edx: c036f238
esi: c748b004 edi: c748b004 ebp: cf5fde94 esp: cf5fde84
ds: 007b es: 007b ss: 0068
Stack: c0327020 c03f8e98 c03a65a0 c03f8e98 cf5fdeb4 c01f84fb c03f8e98 c748b004
ffffffed c03a65c8 c748b058 c8f12004 cf5fded0 c022b599 c748b058 c03a65c8
c03a6610 c03a10f4 c748b058 cf5fdeec c022b62a c748b058 c03a65c8 c03a1080
Call Trace:
[<c01f84fb>] pci_bus_match+0x5f/0x2b0
[<c022b599>] bus_match+0x21/0x64
[<c022b62a>] device_attach+0x4e/0x70
[<c022b7a2>] bus_add_device+0x72/0xb4
[<c022a0e0>] device_add+0xd0/0x108
[<c01f4864>] pci_bus_add_devices+0x50/0x300
[<c026186d>] cb_alloc+0xad/0xc8
[<c025e802>] socket_insert+0x56/0xa4
[<c025ea11>] socket_detect_change+0x69/0x70
[<c025ec07>] pccardd+0x1ef/0x2a0
[<c025ea18>] pccardd+0x0/0x2a0
[<c011ae7c>] default_wake_function+0x0/0x20
[<c011ae7c>] default_wake_function+0x0/0x20
[<c01070c5>] kernel_thread_helper+0x5/0xc
Code: 83 3b 00 75 a0 83 7b 08 00 75 9a 83 7b 14 00 75 94 31 c0 8d

>>EIP; c01f7da3 <pci_match_device+73/90> <=====

>>ebx; c03f8e98 <agp_intel_pci_table+0/38>
>>edx; c036f238 <log_wait+18/20>
>>esi; c748b004 <_end+7066900/3fbd98fc>
>>edi; c748b004 <_end+7066900/3fbd98fc>
>>ebp; cf5fde94 <_end+f1d9790/3fbd98fc>
>>esp; cf5fde84 <_end+f1d9780/3fbd98fc>

Trace; c01f84fb <pci_bus_match+5f/2b0>
Trace; c022b599 <bus_match+21/64>
Trace; c022b62a <device_attach+4e/70>
Trace; c022b7a2 <bus_add_device+72/b4>
Trace; c022a0e0 <device_add+d0/108>
Trace; c01f4864 <pci_bus_add_devices+50/300>
Trace; c026186d <cb_alloc+ad/c8>
Trace; c025e802 <socket_insert+56/a4>
Trace; c025ea11 <socket_detect_change+69/70>
Trace; c025ec07 <pccardd+1ef/2a0>
Trace; c025ea18 <pccardd+0/2a0>
Trace; c011ae7c <default_wake_function+0/20>
Trace; c011ae7c <default_wake_function+0/20>
Trace; c01070c5 <kernel_thread_helper+5/c>

Code; c01f7da3 <pci_match_device+73/90>
00000000 <_EIP>:
Code; c01f7da3 <pci_match_device+73/90> <=====
0: 83 3b 00 cmpl $0x0,(%ebx) <=====
Code; c01f7da6 <pci_match_device+76/90>
3: 75 a0 jne ffffffa5 <_EIP+0xffffffa5> c01f7d48 <pci_match_device+18/90>
Code; c01f7da8 <pci_match_device+78/90>
5: 83 7b 08 00 cmpl $0x0,0x8(%ebx)
Code; c01f7dac <pci_match_device+7c/90>
9: 75 9a jne ffffffa5 <_EIP+0xffffffa5> c01f7d48 <pci_match_device+18/90>
Code; c01f7dae <pci_match_device+7e/90>
b: 83 7b 14 00 cmpl $0x0,0x14(%ebx)
Code; c01f7db2 <pci_match_device+82/90>
f: 75 94 jne ffffffa5 <_EIP+0xffffffa5> c01f7d48 <pci_match_device+18/90>
Code; c01f7db4 <pci_match_device+84/90>
11: 31 c0 xor %eax,%eax
Code; c01f7db6 <pci_match_device+86/90>
13: 8d 00 lea (%eax),%eax

1 warning and 1 error issued. Results may not be reliable.

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