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SubjectLink Error with Galileo EVB PowerPC kernel
Dear friends,

I used my cross compiler and successfully built a 2.4.18 PowerPC Linux
kernel, but I have problem building the Galileo EVB PowerPC kernel. It is
the link error as listed at the end of the mail. The kernel is

Is this only a config mistake? What is the correct kernel config? Any other

Your help will be deeply appreciated.


powerpc-linux-ld -T arch/ppc/ -Ttext 0xc0000000 -Bstatic
arch/ppc/kernel/head.o init/main.o init/version.o \
--start-group \
arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o arch/ppc/mm/mm.o arch/ppc/lib/lib.o
kernel/kernel.o mm/mm.o fs/fs.o ipc/ipc.o arch/ppc/xmon/x.o \
drivers/char/char.o drivers/block/block.o drivers/misc/misc.o
drivers/net/net.o drivers/media/media.o drivers/ide/idedriver.o
drivers/scsi/scsidrv.o drivers/cdrom/driver.o drivers/pci/driver.o
drivers/net/wireless/wireless_net.o drivers/macintosh/macintosh.o
drivers/video/video.o drivers/usb/usbdrv.o drivers/input/inputdrv.o \
net/network.o \
/home/marvell/project/kernel/marvell_linux/lib/lib.a \
--end-group \
-o vmlinux
arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o: In function `sys_call_table':
arch/ppc/kernel/entry.S(.text.init+0xe56): undefined reference to
arch/ppc/kernel/entry.S(.text.init+0xe5a): undefined reference to
arch/ppc/kernel/entry.S(.text.init+0xf6c): undefined reference to
`find_devices'arch/ppc/kernel/entry.S(.text.init+0xf6c): relocation
truncated to fit: R_PPC_REL24 find_devices
arch/ppc/kernel/entry.S(.text.init+0xfa0): undefined reference to
arch/ppc/kernel/entry.S(.text.init+0xfa0): relocation truncated to fit:
R_PPC_REL24 device_is_compatible
arch/ppc/kernel/entry.S(.text.init+0x10ce): undefined reference to
arch/ppc/kernel/entry.S(.text.init+0x10d2): undefined reference to
make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

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