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SubjectRe: as / scheduler question
On Mon, 2003-07-28 at 16:01, Andrew Morton wrote:

> What does "requeues all threads at 25ms" mean?

I think he is talking about the timeslice granularity Ingo readded in
his latest patch (TIMESLICE_GRANULARITY, which is 25ms with HZ=1000).
Every 25ms the currently running task is preempted if there is another
runnable task at its current priority. I.e., tasks at the same priority
are round-robined every 25ms, until there timeslices expire.

> The only dependency we should have there is that kblockd should be scheduled
> promptly after it is woken. It is reniced by -10 so it should be OK.
> Renicing it further or making it SCHED_RR/FIFO would be interesting.

Yep, and I don't think Ingo's patch would effect this.

Robert Love

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