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SubjectRe: [Bug 999] New: Problem with the /dev/ptmx file
begin  Sean Estabrooks  quotation:
> > But if he insists in the crappy bugzilla interface instead of lkml
> > I won't tell him.
> What's your objection to bugzilla? It's not perfect but it does
> seem better than the list alone to track a bug.

Bug systems should make it easy to file, and quick to triage. The
costs for entering a new bug should be low. Forcing people to set up
user accounts when NO BUGS WILL EVER BE ASSIGNED TO THEM is just poor

Bugzilla is a relic of a system where all the users (including
testers) are employees, and are assumed to have credentials in the
system already. It does not handle well the zillions of casual bug
detections by end users. If you've got an in-house QA department, it
may suit them just fine. Just don't expect every net.random to start
using it and not kvetch gargargar at you when the warts show through.

Also, the BACK BUTTON for krissakes!



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