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SubjectRe: hdparm IDE sleep mode
On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Johannes Ahlmann wrote:

> "-Y
> Force an IDE drive to immediately enter the lowest power con-
> sumption sleep mode, causing it to shut down completely. A hard
> or soft reset is required before the drive can be accessed again
> (the Linux IDE driver will automatically handle issuing a reset
> if/when needed)."
> but when i put my hdd in "sleep mode" (not suspend, that works fine) it
> shuts dowm properly but can not be woken up again... when shutting down the
> system, it hangs waiting for the hdds to come up again, but they never do...
> i'm using kernel 2.4.20, IDE drives on a debian testing system.
> any suggestions why the ide driver does not soft-reset the drives as
> implied in the hdparm man-page?

Is "never" longer than two minutes? How long have you waited? Does
2.4.21 work?

Matthias Andree
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