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SubjectDMX 6fire LT and ALSA
I bought a Terratec DMX 6fire LT card, assuming it was the same as the
DMX 6fire which, according to "linux/sound/pci/ice1712/ews.c" shall

However, I can't get the system to initialize the card.
Kernel is 2.6.0-test2, same result with -test1. Haven't tried older

"modprobe snd-ice1712" gives the following:

snd_ice17xx_ak4xxx: module license 'unspecified' taints kernel.
ALSA sound/i2c/cs8427.c:98: unable to send register 0x7f byte to CS8427
ALSA sound/i2c/cs8427.c:221: unable to find CS8427 signature (expected 0x71, read 0xfffffffb), initialization is not completed
ALSA sound/pci/ice1712/ice1712.c:390: CS8427 initialization failed

Tell me if more info is needed.

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Hilsen Harald.
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