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SubjectRe: blk_stop_queue/blk_start_queue confusion, problem, or bug???
Lou Langholtz wrote:

> I've been trying to use the blk_start_queue and blk_stop_queue
> functions in the network block device driver branch I'm working on.
> The stop works as expected, but the start doesn't. Processes that have
> tried to read or write to the device (after the queue was stopped)
> stay blocked in io_schedule instead of getting woken up (after
> blk_start_queue was called). Do I need to follow the call to
> blk_start_queue() with a call to wake_up() on the correct wait queues?
> Why not have that functionality be part of blk_start_queue()? Or was
> this an oversight/bug? . . .

I'm gonna call this a bug and submit the patch for this since the small
change I just tried fixed the behavior. Seems like email with subjects
beginning [PATCH] get a lot more attention so I'm sending the patch in
another message (titled as such). Hang on... ;-)

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