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SubjectRe: Reiser4 status: benchmarked vs. V3 (and ext3)
Am Mon, 2003-07-28 um 14.44 schrieb Hans Reiser:

> >This looks fine for normal harddrives put on flash you'd probably like
> >to write the data evenly over the free space in some already formatted
> >section still leaving the oportunity to format some other sectors to not
> >run out of space.

> I was not able to parse the sentence above.;-)


As already mentioned the flash chips have to be erased before they can
be written. The erasesize is much larger than the typical block size
which means that although a block doesn't contain valid data it still
contains something which means that it cannot be written until it was
erased. That's why JFFS2 is using garbage collection to reclaim unused
but (at the moment) unusable space.

> No, you could be more clever than that.

Sure. :)

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