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SubjectRe: [PATCH] nvidia nforce 1.0-261 nvnet for kernel 2.5

> Tried shutting down the computer, and it was stuck during shutdown.
> Seems like the refcounting is not really working, or perhaps there are
> too many cycles happening. What happens if you do the following with a
> module:
> try_module_get
> module_put

Thanks for pointing this out, they seem to have removed the module reference
counting. But really, I don't care whether it can unload or not. I just need
it to work. I'm not really interested in perfecting a quick hack to a
proprietary driver.

> > But I don't think the only thing missing is the MAC address. You could
> > try to manually set it in the source itself and see if anything works.
> I'll just add it in BIOS and try with AMD8111. No desire to futz around
> with the nvnet source, where half of what is going on is a complete
> black box (priv->hwapi, "priv" is definitely *private*).

Ah, so THATS who they licensed it from. I didn't think nividia would go to the
bother of designing their own ethernet hardware. I'll have a poke about and
see if I can find anything out about the MAC address

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