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SubjectRe: Compiling problem with certain options
On Sun, Jul 27, 2003 at 05:01:18PM +0300, Stoian Atanasov wrote:
> Funny, but now i did the menuconfig again and clear, dep, bzImage, modules
> and it is ok, maybe i missed removing some module before as i want to
> compile a quite light kernel.

make dep is obsolete in 2.6

> Many times i wanted to compile a kernel with just a fiew options and get
> some errors, and when want to kompile with lot of options it's ok. I guess
> there are some dependency problems, which are not handled properly by make
> dep? And i heard somewhere that it is a common error.

When reconfiguring a 2.4 kernel it is adviced to do a:
cp .config ..
make mrproper
cp ../.config .
make oldconfig
make dep

For 2.6 you can just run make, without cleaning up before.
To get a resonable small configuration you can start out with
"make allnoconfig", which compiles ok in 2.6 for now.

> Is there a dedicated site, forum about this problem?

This is a good place - you can also try kernelnewbies.

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