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Subject[RFC] single return paradigm

The "single return" paradigm of drivers/char/vt.c:tioclinux() surprised
me at first glance. But I'm now trying to maintain a patch which adds
probes at entry and exit of functions for performance instrumenting, and
this paradigm is a great help, and on the other hand, maintaining the
patch for drivers/scsi/sg/sg_ioctl() is really a drudgery whenever a
little thing changes or a case is added... I don't know what people from
the linux trace toolkit think of this?

Gcc compiles every function into "one return form" anyway, so there's no
penalty in defining a retval variable, having it assigned, and doing a
break or goto out. I has been said to be of religious concern, but
having this habit keeps tracing patches simple. And if one needs, say, a
spinlock at entry & exit, the work is almost done. One could still have
a second exit for error cases, but no more.

Could this be added to CodingStyle or something?

Samuel Thibault
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