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    SubjectPartition check issue (againandagain??)

    I'm trying to run a new (self-compiled) 2.4.21 kernel on my Acer
    Notebook with Ali15x3 Chipset, revision 195 (C3) and experience a
    freeze upon bootup at the partition check.

    Kernel version <= 2.4.18 works fine on my laptop (including dma), all
    kernels > 2.4.18 lock up at boot.

    The partition check line shows:

    Partition check:
    hda1 hda2 hda3 hda4 <

    before it freezes.

    With the working 2.4.18 kernel the line shows:

    Partition check:
    hda1 hda2 hda3 hda4 <hda5 hda6>

    hda5 and hda6 are swap and the main partition
    respectively, running a reiserfs.

    I checked the mailing list and found some hints for 2.4.19 kernels,
    but that bug doesn't seem to apply as my chipset revision is < C4,
    apart from that it seems to be fixed in /drivers/ide/pci/alim15x3.c

    Any ideas?

    Please cc the mail to me. I tried to subscribe to the list an hour ago
    but didn't get any reply yet.


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