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SubjectRe: SCO offers UnixWare licenses for Linux
Larry McVoy wrote:

>>At least in the United States, you are not going to get away with
>>claiming there is some stolen code that caused damages.
>>Instead, to prevent this kind of "legal theft", the only thing a person
>>found in possession of "stolen" property needs to do is to return it,
>>unless there is evidence that the possessor actually stole the property
>>in question.
>Yeah, right.
> ``I "found" these 3GB of mp3's of music and I had no idea that
> they were stolen but now that you mention it, here they are back.
> Finders keepers, right?''
>What were you thinking? That's obviously incorrect, I know that it is
>incorrect from both observation of recent court cases as well as direct
>personal experience.
A more reasonable analogy is that you download a bunch of free programs
while one of them has some copy-righted music in it for sound effects.
Surely you'd have the ability to remove this once you found out without

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