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    Subject[NOTAPATCH] Re: [PATCH] O6int for interactivity
    At 05:21 PM 7/20/2003 -0700, Davide Libenzi wrote:
    >On Sat, 19 Jul 2003, Mike Galbraith wrote:
    > > >Everything that will make the scheduler to say "ok, I gave enough time to
    > > >interactive tasks, now I'm really going to spin one from the masses" will
    > > >work. Having a clean solution would not be an option here.
    > >
    > > ... just as soon as I get my decidedly unclean work-around functioning at
    > > least as well as it did for plain old irman. irman2 is _much_ more evil
    > > than irman ever was (wow, good job!). I thought it'd be a half an hour
    > > tops. This little bugger shows active starvation, expired starvation,
    > > priority inflation, _and_ interactive starvation (i have to keep inventing
    > > new terms to describe things i see.. jeez this is a good testcase).
    >Yes, the problem is not only the expired tasks starvation. Anything in
    >the active array that reside underneath the lower priority value of the
    >range irman2 tasks oscillate inbetween, will experience a "CPU time eclipse".
    >And you do not even need a smoked glass to look at it :)

    I think I whipped the obnoxious little bugger. Comments on the attached
    [kiss] approach?

    I don't like what gpm tells me while irman2 is running with this diff, but
    hiccup hiccup is a heck of lot better than terminal starvation.

    -Mike [unhandled content-type:application/octet-stream]
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