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    SubjectRe: swsusp / 2.6.0-test1

    Pavel Machek wrote:

    >>>>swsusp is working fine, but mplayer
    >>>>in sdl and xv output mode displays a blank
    >>>>screen after a resume.
    >>>You probably need to write suspend/resume support for your card.
    >>Just wondering what kind of support for suspend/resume is "enough", say
    >>for video cards? Surely not the pci configuration space, you need to
    >>restore video mode, color maps, gfx engine state etc etc...what about
    >>frame buffer contents on card? Probably yes. Sounds like a lot of code,
    >>and different thing for every possible video card. Is there some general
    >>guidance here? Is drivers/video soon bloating with tons of
    >>suspend/resume code? I hope I am wrong :)
    >I'm not sure if you are wrong. If you switch to non-graphics console,
    >that may save some code, but...
    ah ok, so at this stage swsuspending a X desktop doesn't work in general
    case, of course depending on video hardware? If X had some notion of
    suspend/resume things would be easier, than insisting every single
    driver save and restore all. After all the pci config space should be
    enough for kernel drivers?

    >BTW, what is that?
    > Pavel

    Don't know, just did reply all and seems to work :)


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