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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.22-pre7
Marcelo Tosatti <> wrote:
| Here goes -pre7.
| This is a feature freeze, only bugfixes will be accepted from now on.

OK, do you accept the following bugfix for /proc/cmdline?

--- linux-2.4.21/fs/proc/proc_misc.c.orig Fri Jun 27 11:35:06 2003
+++ linux-2.4.21/fs/proc/proc_misc.c Fri Jun 27 11:37:15 2003
@@ -423,9 +423,9 @@
int count, int *eof, void *data)
extern char saved_command_line[];
- int len;
+ int len = 0;

- len = snprintf(page, count, "%s\n", saved_command_line);
+ proc_sprintf(page, &off, &len, "%s\n", saved_command_line);
return proc_calc_metrics(page, start, off, count, eof, len);

Since kernel version 2.4.19, a read() from /proc/cmdline with a
non-zero offset doesn't work anymore: try "dd bs=1 < /proc/cmdline".
Because of this bug, the following fails in ash and the busybox shell:
$ read line < /proc/cmdline

I've posted this fix to lkml in januari, and sent it to you several
times, but got no reaction. Alan Cox included this patch in version
2.4.21pre5-ac4 of his tree. Could you please include this obvious fix
in 2.4.22?

Dick Streefland //// De Bilt (@ @) The Netherlands
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