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SubjectRe: woes with 2.6.0-test1 and xscreensaver/xlock
On 2003.07.16 20:56, Nuno Monteiro wrote:
[bla bla bla snipped]

Replying to myself:

Ok, I figured it out. It's a definitely a pam problem. I fetched latest
pam rpm from RH RawHide and picked up their sigchld patch, applied it to
mandrake cookers's latest pam package, rebuilt, et voila'. All is well
again, it doesnt hang anymore. I think the bug in bugzilla can be closed
now. I'm attaching the patch to pam 0.77, if anyone wants to give it a
spin. Also, should anyone from mandrake is reading this, it'd be
adviseable to apply it to the official package. I'll ping them anyway, to
let them know of this.

Thanks for the input, everyone.

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