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SubjectRe: USB bugs (was: networking bugs and
>>>>> "Greg" == Greg KH <> writes:
Greg> On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 01:25:33PM -0700, Jan Rychter wrote:
>> I went ahead and retested all of my known USB problems against
>> 2.4.22-pre5. It seems all usb-storage ones are gone, and there is
>> only one bluetooth showstopper, fairly simple to reproduce:
>> 1. boot the machine (using uhci)
>> 2. insert a PCI BCM2033-based bluetooth adapter, observe the
>> firmware
>> getting loaded, don't actually bring the hci0 interface up,
>> 3. remove the adapter, everything looks fine
>> 4. try to rmmod uhci and get:
>> kmem_cache_destroy: Can't free all objects c12c7b40 uhci: not all
>> urb_priv's were freed

Greg> Is this reproducable on 2.6.0-test1?

I can't reproduce this easily, as I haven't even tried 2.5.* kernels

Greg> Does this happen using the usb-uhci driver instead of the uhci
Greg> driver?

I'll check this and report.

Greg> And this doesn't cause a failure, right? Just those messages in
Greg> the log?

It is a showstopper, because the resulting corruption (?) breaks
software suspend. So, use bluetooth once, never suspend again.

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