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    SubjectRe: 2.4.22-pre3 and reiserfs problem (not boot)
    > > Jul 10 06:25:10 host kernel: journal-601, buffer write failed
    > Well, the write to journal failed. Reiserfs panics in such an event as it does not
    > know what to do in such a case (there are some works at SuSE by Jeff Mahoney to
    > remount r/o if such an event happens).
    yes, once i found the "buffer write failed" i knew it wasn't a random
    reiserfs oops. just missed it first time, sorry.

    and i think that close timming of oopses was caused by some cron job
    started at this time, the one that does search through entire fs tree...

    > Well, how about some i/o error messages from block device drivers?
    > > in the logs we often get messages like:
    > > Jul 11 14:25:59 host kernel: (scsi0:A:10:0): parity error detected in Data-out phase. SEQADDR(0x55) SCSIRATE(0xc2)
    > > Jul 11 14:25:59 host kernel: ^INo terminal CRC packet recevied
    > Hm, can that lead to i/o error propagated up to reiserfs? If yes,
    > then thats' the problem.
    sure if there were real errors, but with earlier kernels we get
    this errors in logs but no problems or data loss. strange...

    > Hm, I guess you need to stop the driver to propagate i/o errors upstream
    > (perhaps find a recent change that started to do this).
    > There is nothing to do from reiserfs perspective (except for better error handling,
    > which will not do you anything good anyway).
    well i cannot do a lot of reboots on this box, so i guess i just
    try to move promise to another host with another scsi hba and see if
    it works...

    Big thanks for quick reply!

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