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    SubjectRe: [RFT/C 2.5.70] Input class hook up to driver model/sysfs

    > > > I did this once before but due to some infrastructure changes
    > > > it had to be written again. Here it is, pretty simple. Now
    > > > you can see your input devices (except keyboard) listed under
    > > > /sys/class/input like this (yes, I do have two mice attached).
    > > > At the moment the dev file is created and it contains the
    > > > hex value of the major and minor number.
    > >
    > > *very* nice, and urgently needed for suspend/resume support.
    > No, classes have nothing to do with suspend/resume, that's devices.

    > > But should not structure be /bus/sys/keyboard_controller/mouse0? Mouse
    > > needs to be suspended before keyboard controller...
    > Yes, but this patch is putting stuff in /sys/class/input, not /sys/bus
    > :)

    Okay, that means that another patch is needed to create hierarchy for
    power managment... This sysfs stuff is getting hairy.


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