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SubjectRe: fix TCP roundtrip time update code
>>>>> On Tue, 03 Jun 2003 21:40:18 -0700, Nivedita Singhvi <> said:

Nivedita> David Mosberger wrote:
DaveM> So if your old SpecWEB99 lab tended more to trigger timeout
DaveM> based retransmits on LAN, and your new test network does not,
DaveM> then your new test network will tend to not reproduce the bug
DaveM> regardless of whether the bug is present in the kernel or not
DaveM> :-)

>> Is this where I get to plug httperf? It triggered the bug
>> reliably in less than 10 secs. ;-)

Nivedita> Tarnation!! Ran httperf! Didnt hit it! :(. What were your
Nivedita> settings?

I used:

$ httperf --rate 1000 --num-conns 1000000 --verbose --hog --server HOST \
--uri pathto30KBfile

on 3 clients (for a total of 3000 conns/sec). You can't go higher
than 1000 conn/sec per client (IP address) because otherwise you run
out of port space (due to TIME_WAIT).

This load worked well for a machine with a single GigE card. All
network tunables were on the default setting (in particular, the tx
queue len was 300, which is were the losses came from).

With this load, I saw bad RTT values in the route cache within a
couple of seconds after starting the third httperf generator. It then
took a bit longer (on the order of 1-2 minutes) until the first
TCPAbortFailed errors started to pop up.

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