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SubjectRe: patch-O1int-0306281420 for 2.5.73 interactivity
On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 07:35, Con Kolivas wrote:

> A patch to reduce audio skipping and X jerking under load.

Can't make XMMS skip audio with "while true; do a = 2; done" while
playing moving windows under an X session.

> It's looking seriously like I'm talking to myelf here, but just in case there
> are lurkers testing this patch, there's a big bug that made it think jiffy
> wraparound was occurring so interactive tasks weren't receiving the boost
> they deserved. Here is a patch with the fix in.

Well, you're not talking to yourself. We're listening and testing:
2.5.73-mm2 + patch-O1int + patch-granularity + patch-1000HZ. With this
new version of the patch, the mouse cursor jumpiness has returned again,
altough in much less extent than in previous versions: it's more
difficult to reproduce, but it's present just when logging onto my KDE
session on a Red Hat Linux 9 box. For the rest of the session, it's
pretty hard difficult to make the mouse cursor to turn jumpy.

> How to use if you're still thinking of testing:
> Use with Hz 1000, and use the granularity patch I posted as well for smoothing
> X off.

Under heavy load (3 simulatenous consoles doing while true; do a=2;
done), X feels smooth, but moving windows aggresively, makes X go jerky
for a few seconds and some process do starve a little when repainting.

Anyways, at a first glance, it looks really good :-)

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