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    SubjectRe: [BUG] 2.5.73 Scheduling while atomic with taskfile IO and high memory
    On Mon, 30 Jun 2003, Zwane Mwaikambo wrote:

    > Could you try selecting your specific IDE chipset (or all), it doesn't
    > look like PIO is getting along famously with various other bits. I also
    > noticed TCQ, do you have any TCQ capable IDE devices?

    Tried many things, in no particular order

    o PCI chipsets disabled
    o Disabled TCQ (device doesn't support it anyway)
    o DMA disabled and ide_setup_dma() stub function added so it'll compile
    o PCI Generic chipset support enabled
    o Intel PIIX chipset support enabled
    o All chipset under the sun supported

    All come up with the same errors. The following workarounds let it

    o Removing inc_preempt_count() and dec_preempt_count() from kmap_atomic()
    and kunmap_atomic()
    o Disabling high memory
    o Disabling taskfile IO

    A quickie patch to sched.c shows that preempt_count() keeps incrementing
    for each time the sleeping while atomic message is printed by the
    cpu_idle() thread

    Mel Gorman
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