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    SubjectRe: Dell vs. GPL
    On Mon, 30 Jun 2003 11:28:15 PDT, Andre Hedrick said:
    > Try leaving the ivory towers of academics for the real world.
    > I did and it was a rude slap in the face. Most academics don't get the
    > real world of business, they can teach it but generally can not do it.
    > If they could do it, they would not be in academics. Except for the few
    > cases of people who just get off on teaching and that is wonderful.
    > Maybe you are different, and do not fit under the brush. However your
    > comments about NDA's leaves me little faith in your knowledge base.

    Well.. I prefer to think of it as working at a large corporate data center with
    a 10,000 square foot server room that provides central computing services for a
    $400M/year organization that just happens to be in the business sector of
    "higher education".

    And does your NDA *REALLY* say "Thou shalt not go to the cops if
    you find out about illegal activity"?

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