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SubjectRe: Dell vs. GPL

There is a lot riding on untested, and you assume the vendors of today
whom have gotten away with ripping off GPL since the beginning have any
fear. The very additude of don't go there gives them all the firepower
they need to never do the right thing unless ordered and fined.

Treat the GPL license as the Kernel, you trust what you have tested.
I have ZERO trust in GPL, given all the violations I personally know about
and have seen. All of these are still blocked from revealing until NDA's

These people need to pay the stupid tax now and not get a free ride any

Not you or anybody will stop me from taking GPL to court.
Win, Lose, or Draw -- I will find the line.
I do not give a damn period, what are you going to do now?


Andre Hedrick
LAD Storage Consulting Group

On Mon, 30 Jun 2003 wrote:

> On Sun, 29 Jun 2003 23:56:07 PDT, Andre Hedrick said:
> > When they tell you they will not open a case on your behalf until a
> > registered copyright is in hand, that point real hard.
> The part you're missing here is the part where the offending vendor ends up
> Doing The Right Thing, either because they've become enlightened or just
> because they realize compliance is easier/cheaper than a lawsuit.
> Remember *WHY* the GPL is still untested in court - things rarely progress that
> far.

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