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SubjectRe: EM840x REALmagic DVD/MPEG-2 Audio/Video Decoder
Those guys have been under intense pressure from M$ protecting the desktop 
multimedia market. Each time their product managers announce some Linux
support or product within the next quarter, it ends up being a year and only
available for MS-whatever-the-hell-its-called-now.

On Tuesday 03 June 2003 04:47 am, Måns Rullgård wrote:
> <> writes:
> > I'm working on EM840x REALmagic DVD/MPEG-2 Audio/Video Decoder, There
> > is only official binary driver on Sigma designs website. Is there any
> > open source driver or non-official driver ?
> Sigma designs are known to not cooperate very well with open source
> projects. Actually, it's quite the contrary. Some time ago they
> released the XVID mpeg4 codec as their own, without source code.
> I have heard of people trying to get documentation from them, but I
> don't think anyone ever succeeded.

Joe Briggs
Briggs Media Systems
105 Burnsen Ave.
Manchester NH 01304 USA
TEL/FAX 603-232-3115 MOBILE 603-493-2386
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