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SubjectRe: lost interrupts with 2.4.1-rc6 and i875p chipset
On Maw, 2003-06-03 at 12:15, Greg Norris wrote:
> I recently installed Debian on a new i875P chipset machine, and I'm
> seeing frequent "hdX: lost interrupt" messages at the console under
> 2.4.21-rc6. The IDE system appears to stall for 5 seconds or so
> whenever this occurs (I assume that a reset/resync is occurring), but
> then seems to recover. It's pretty easy to reproduce... any
> significant disk activity will trigger the problem. In particular,
> running fsck or copying files off a cdrom will expose the problem
> within seconds.

Does this occur if you build the kernel without ACPI and without APIC
support ?

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