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Subjecthardmeter 2003-0603 is released

hardmeter 2003-0603, a precise event based sampling (PEBS)
tool, is now available at the following place;

2003-06-03 Hiro Yoshioka <>

* support perfctr-2.5.4
* MANIFEST: change patch/perfctr-2.5.4.dif
* Makefile: change version to 030603
* patch/perfctr-2.5.4.dif: added
* update INSTALL and INSTALL.en

what is hardmeter

hardmeter is a memory profiling tool using by the performance
monitoring facilities of IA-32 processors.

The tool consists of the following compornent.
1. Kernel Driver of memory profiling (Linux Kernel Patch)
2. User Utility (ebs)
3. User Program API (Application Programming Interface)

Please read the INSTALL.en to install this tool.

* ebs command

You can use ebs command to profile memory traffic. The command syntax
is the following.

Usage: ./ebs (-u | -k) [-o OUTFILE] [-i INTERVAL] [-c COUNT] -t TYPE EXE_OR_PID
-u - sample user-mode events
-k - sample kernel-mode events
-o OUTFILE - store sampled data to file
-i INTERVAL - sampling interval(default: 10000)
-c COUNT - max sampling count(default: 2000)
-t TYPE - event type to sample
-m NAME,NAME... - event masks
help options
-h - show event types
-h TYPE - show event masks

imprecise at-retirement event:
instr_retired - instruction retired
uop_retired - uops retired
precise front-end event:
memory_loads - memory loads
memory_stores - memory stores
memory_moves - memory loads and stores
precise execution event:
packed_sp_retired - packed single-precision uop retired
packed_dp_retired - packed double-precision uop retired
scaler_sp_retired - scaler single-precision uop retired
scaler_dp_retired - scaler double-precision uop retired
64bit_mmx_retired - 64bit SIMD integer uop retired
128bit_mmx_retired - 128bit SIMD integer uop retired
x87_fp_retired - floating point instruction retired
x87_simd_memory_moves_retired - x87/SIMD store/moves/load uop retired
precise replay event:
l1_cache_miss - 1st level cache load miss
l2_cache_miss - 2nd level cache load miss
dtlb_load_miss - DTLB load miss
dtlb_stor_miss - DTLB store miss
dtlb_all_miss - DTLB load and store miss
mob_load_replay_retired - MOB(memory order buffer) causes load replay
split_load_retired - replayed events at the load port.

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