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SubjectRe: File System conversion -- ideas
rmoser wrote:

> Ass yourself for hours, each time risking making a typo and killing both
> filesystems, or risking having the LVM resize die from a powerdrop or a kick
> to the power button (sorry we don't all have immortal fault tolerance). I actually
> though about this one and figured it was too rediculously annoying to actually
> bring up :-p

> I've never used LVM, but I'll look at it one day. If it's stable, that's good; I
> don't use Windows. I don't know exactly what LVM is but I have a pretty
> good idea; it's been forever since I read the doc on it, I forgot what it said!

Funny how, having never used LVM you have an opinion about it.

I have. I have done EXACTLY what I described.

First of all, do you REALLY think my way is any less failure prone,
especially in the presence of the possiblilty of power failure than any
other method? My method preserves a mountable, valid file system at each
step of the way - the resized downward of the old file system, the
resize upward of the new, the file copy.

Secondly, if you are REALLY concerned about the manual aspect of what I
suggested, you can write a simple shell script to do the work.

Third of all, the longest parts of the process I describe will be the
resize downward of the old file system and the copy of the data - the
LVM parts of this operation are pretty damn quick.

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