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SubjectRe: Dell vs. GPL
>> Everyone here forgets, GPL is WORTHLESS without a "REGISTERED" copyright.

And the border of the whole universe is defined by Mexico and Canada.

> Wrong, thats a weird US copyright law flaw that applies only to US
> citizens. The Berne convention gives everyone else rights.

Indeed. Those people don't realise that their "copyright" law is different to
the almost the rest of the world. In most of Europe there in no "The
Copyright", but "authors' or moral rights" ("derechos de autor", "droit
d'auteur") and "exploitation rights" (or economic rights). Author/moral
rights cannot be jeopardized. And authors don't _have_ to register their work
to claim it's theirs or to win in court.

About registration, the copyright rule in Alan's country (Copyright, Design
and Patent Act, DCPA 1998, UK):

- Requires _no_ registration.
- Arises as soon as the work is _produced_.
- Cost _nothing_ to obtain protection.
- Lasts 70 years in EU.

ricardo galli GPG id C8114D34
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