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SubjectRe: File System conversion -- ideas

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On 6/29/2003 at 3:05 PM David D. Hagood wrote:

>rmoser wrote:
>> no, in-kernel conversion between everything. You don't think it can be
>> It's not that difficult a problem to manage data like that :D
>OK, then - Show Us The Code.
>Everyone else who have expressed an opinion believe an in-kernel
>converter to be far to difficult to get right. You disagree, and think
>it should be easy.
>So write it. Show us the code. Change our minds.
>You opened with a a "This should be possible". We raised you a "No, it's
>hard, here's other ways to do it." You raised with a "It should be
>easy." I call.

Told you, I can't code it. I could work on making an initial design for the
most important part though, the datasystem that separates the two filesystems
and holds the meta-data and data in self-contained atoms. I KNOW I won't
get it right the first time, but I can give you a place to start.

I absolutely can not code anything in the kernel at this time. I've tried. I'll
get it eventually ;-)

Citing the original message:

I know I spout a lot of crap, and wish I could just do it all (can we get
a "Make a small device driver for virtual hardware in Linux 2.4 and 2.5"
tutorial up on!), but I think I've got some good ideas. At
any rate, the good is kept and the bad is weeded out, right?

I actually started pretty sure that someone would want me to come up
with an initial design for the datasystem that is used to control this.
Not that I drew it out before-hand, mind you; I just thought someone
would ask. I KNEW someone would tell me to code it, which is why
I said I can't right off the bat.

>Let's see your cards.
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--Bluefox Icy

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